A commercial building is generally occupied during the day.. which makes the lighting – and switching – design extremely important!

Is the building for the owners own use? This simplifies the design.

Is the building to be rented out? This requires a ‘general’ design with provision for possible future specific needs (without wasting money!).

The lighting requirement depends on :

The building design –

  • Windows, size and location
  • Ceiling, height and colour
  • Walls, colour
  • Flooring, material and colour
  • The season – summer, autumn, winter or spring
  • The time of day : early morning, midday, afternoon and sometimes night.
  • The location – geographically
  • Now factor in :
  • Function – general office, task lighting, common areas, walkways, storage.

At the same time, the building must be energy efficient and comply with the energy efficient standards (Sans 10400XA as legislated and effective Nov 2011)

Health and Safety are important aspects to consider. Incorrect lighting – insufficient or excessive – can lead to eye strain, fatigue, headaches, an increase in sick-leave and a loss of productivity.

Simple Lights will custom design and supply the lighting and switching to provide a pleasant functional environment that is effective and economical to install and maintain.