Solar Charger on demand Drinking Water Filtration System

A state of the art, turning a tap to provide potable water, uses the most advanced ceramic and activated carbon filters to remove cyst, bacteria and odours from your water. The system is designed to provide 2 litres at 2 bars of pressure of clean healthy water a minute on demand using a solar charged battery operated, powerful yet small PD pump to push the water through a silver impregnated ceramic filter killing water born bacteria as the water passes through. A further fibre 5um filter blocks any debris before being forced through an extruded activated carbon filter, removing chlorine and other odours from the water, providing the user with a clean healthy drinking water.

System specifications

Electrical Supply: 12V D.C.
Battery: 12V D.C. 45Amp
Solar Panel: 35W
Primary Filter: Silver impregnated ceramic filter
Secondary filter: 5um fibre
Tertiary filter: extrude activated carbon
Motor & Pump: 12V D.C. 2.2A, 2lpm @ 2bars
Water Capacity: 2 litres a minute
Electrical capacity: 10 hours
Battery charger: via solar panel – 6 hours of sun light for full charge
Solar panel: 35W at 17V

Healthy water – healthy life

The two filter systems we offer have been microbiologically tested. The filter systems also remove chlorine and improve the taste and odour of the water. See performance table for full details.

Healthy water – that doesn’t cost the Earth

Bottled water is expensive to buy, produces a lot of plastic waste, and the carbon footprint of transporting those bottles of water is enormous. Using our on demand filter system in your home/work place offers a much greener as well as cheaper alternative way of drinking good quality water. However, even most filter systems require frequent replacement of plastic cartridges/housings, which can itself generate a considerable amount of plastic waste. Our approach is different. By using long-life reusable filter housings fitted with long-life reusable filter elements made from natural materials, we are able to cut down on waste as well as giving you better value for money. The secret is that the ceramic shell of our Doulton® and British Berkefeld® filter elements can be scrubbed clean many times, extending the life of the filter element and meaning that you do not have to replace your filter so often. Good water without the environmental or financial cost. The right solution for you. We aim to provide a drinking water solution suitable for areas in which no electrical power is available to provide on tap filtered water. Experience the difference that drinking healthy water could make to you