Maximum Power Point Tracking Unit with external supply

  • Easy to install
  • MPPT standard
  • Lead Acid Battery Charger
  • Built in Day/Night switch or always on
  • Maximum operating range
  • Battery Cut Out with external supply
  • Different PV panel friendly
  • LED feedback Indicator
  • Load Control
  • Peace of mind

A microprocessor controls the MPPT operation and simultaneously charges and maintains the battery from a solar panel, and controls a load, with day/night switch capability. When the battery drops to 11.0V, the unit switches the load to the external supply, ensuring your load is always powered when required even when the battery is flat.

MC101 ® manages your Off Grid system by:

Ensuring maximum efficiency from solar panel
Battery always charged with maximum power available from panel (MPPT), increasing efficiency of the system
Works over the widest possible voltage fluctuation from the Panel
Low Voltage cut out to protect battery, with external supply switch over
Built in Day Night Switch for security light operation, or selecting via jumper, load always connected, but under battery low voltage protection control and external load switch over.

MSC101 ® Technical specifications

PV Input
PV Input Supply Voltage 0 – 27V D.C.
PV Current at full charge mode 10mA- 3.5A
PV Panel Rating 10W to 55W
PV maximum load voltage value 17 – 18V DC
MPPT Current with no load 10 – 15mA

Battery Input (We recommend an in line 5Amp fuse for protection, max 10Amp)
Voltage 9 – 16V DC
Maximum current absorbed at full charge 3.5A (PV Panel size and time of day dependant)
Current draw with no load and no PV voltage 10 – 15mA
Voltage greater than 11.5V to Battery terminal voltage
Low voltage cut out Less than 11.0V DC
Current Maximum is 4Amps – not fused
Day/Night switch control or jumper over ride

Charger (Intelligent charger working in the parameters below)
If battery voltage below 11.5V then Boost mode till voltage reaches 14.5V
If voltage between 11.5V and 14.5V then trickle charge mode

MPPT Mode (Maximum Power Point Tracking)
The micro controller uses switch mode technology to ensure that the Solar Panel always operates at it most highest efficiency point at all times. Using this method it increases panel output by 30% over other conventional methods. Introducing this switching technology ensures that smaller PV panels can be used to achieve the same amount of power using a larger panel.