• Inverter uses grid or PV to charge battery
  • Modified sine or pure Sine wave inverter
  • 500W or 1000W models
  • Battery charge current internally selected
  • Green Charge – Uses PV first
  • USB @ 1A
  • Two 12V @ 5A outputs
  • Low Battery warning
  • Low Battery disconnect
  • Switch enables Inverter
  • Battery Capacity indicator
  • Audible buzzer

This off grid inverter uses the latest microprocessor controller to charge and monitor the battery and load. Using a number of proprietary algorithms, the microprocessor ensures maximum efficiency from the panel (MPPT) to charge the battery for the quickest charge without overloading the battery, battery monitoring and battery status.

A real time LED indicates the battery status for user feedback. An audible alarm indicates when the battery is reaching a critical low voltage, and when the load is disconnected.

There is also LED indication when there is energy on the solar panel, when there is mains available, and when the unit is using the mains to charge the battery.

An LED also indicates when the inverter is active. The system has a user controlled switch to control when the inverter supplies power to the load. This is a great feature for when the Off Grid Charged inverter is used on a load which is only required when the user wishes to use it. This prevents the unit from running the inverter in the case that there is no power, and the battery is then discharged when there is no one to benefit from the back up. When the switch is in the off position, the inverter does not run, placing the unit in a low power drain mode maintaining maximum amount of energy for when the user does need the inverter. In this mode the battery is always maintained at full power via the solar panel or mains input.

There is a USB port which is useable to charge cellphones or any other 5V electronic equipment. There are 2 ports available with 12V, protected via a thermal fuse, which can be used for 12V LED lighting during the power failure, or any other 12V power equipment that may be required.


USB output 5V at 1Amp
Combined 12V DC output 10Amps
Short circuit 10Amps internal Fuse protected, remove load to reset fuse
PV size from 20Watts to 250Watts
PV input Voltage from 25V to 35V
PV fully loaded MPPT 17-18V or 27/30V – model dependant
PV current from 1.4Amps to 8Amps
Inverter power 500Watt or 1000Watt – model dependant
Inverter output voltage 200V to 250V dependant on battery voltage
Inverter wave output Modified sine or Pure sine wave – model dependant
Inverter load 100% overload for 1 second
Unit physical size W = 235mm, D = 350mm, H = 210mm
Weight 500W model – 6Kg, 1000W model 7Kg
Packed size 420mm X 255mm X 230mm
Packed weight 500W model – 7.5Kg, 1000W model – 8.5Kg

Battery and Solar Panel sold separately. When ordering, battery size and solar panel must be advised so that the unit is set up at the factory for your requirements.